Top-Down Vs Bottom-Up Investing

It can be difficult to understand which trading stocks should be invested in. There are lots of different stock options available to invest in and it can seem very confusing for those new to the market. However, what is worse is the method of investing. There are two which need to be considered; the bottom-up method and the top-down method. They can feel very similar but in fact they are quite different from one another in many aspects but which is the best method?

The Bottom-Up Method

Most investors who are just starting out will look at the bottom-up method because it studies the finer details in great length. Now, for investors, they will choose the companies or the stocks which are more appealing. They will look at the business which looks promising and has the ability to grow; that means the investor studies things such as the management team behind the company and its performance on the market too. Usually, Forex trading Australia works by analyzing the market closely and if the stock sector looks promising, investors will choose those stocks.

The Top-Down Method

Australia trading stocks with this method can also be very popular. However, investors will look at the bigger picture in a sense because they look at all areas. They study areas such as the economy globally and where the stocks are located as well as how promising the stocks look. If there is a strong sense they will grow, they will be invested in; however, this method looks at how good the region is and whether there is room for growth or any sign of growth as well.

Top-Down VS Bottom-Up – Which Is Better?

To be honest, both methods are good as they both offer a lot of quality and promise. However, each has their own good points and negative points to them so what works for one person, may not work for another. Both methods are extremely positive and they can be good to show investors, new and experienced good stocks to invest in. However, the better one is hard to say because they are both average – they have good and bad points and it’s difficult to say if one is better than the other when Forex trading Australia.

Should You Use The Top Down Or Bottom Up Method?

Depending on the type of sticks you are looking to invest in, you might find that the bottom-up method works well for you, however, that may be the same for the top-down method. If you want to look at the bigger picture then the top-down method may be the right option. However, the bottom-up method can also be good because it looks at the stocks in-depth as well as the history of the company putting the stocks up. You do need to be extremely careful when trading stocks.

Choose the Right Method

Both the top-down and bottom-up methods are extremely good however, it will be important for you to choose the method that works best. Sometimes, you need to look at both to understand which method works best. It can vary and honestly, they are both really good methods as they both have drawbacks. Australia trading stocks needs to be done carefully and cautiously.

2014 ASX Stock Market News at a Glance

Forex trading Australia can always look very appealing! Purchasing stocks and getting into the various stock markets can seem to be very risky and very appealing all at the same time.  Of course, everyone would love to make money through stocks but you do need to be very careful on how you approach the market.  So, what is the 2014 ASX stock market news?

Big Spenders and Movers

Australia trading stocks can be very good including the ASX NUF stocks.  The Nufarm Limited Company has seen a massive rise of net profits however this does coincide with a slight share drop.  It is said the shares will be tight and may even drop because of droughts and possible adverse weather conditions in the year to come.  If there are big droughts in the year, the shares within the company could drop further.

That is different from the ASX SIP.  The Sigma Pharmaceutical limited company has seen a massive upturn of share prices to over three percent which is a good amount to rise by.  The overall profits do have the bigger ability to offer a really good amount to share out with investors because of the fact that the company does supply in great demand.  This could be good for trading in Australia however if you’re looking to invest here.

Commodity Prices

The cost for commodities has been sharply rising and falling over the past few months and it is said the few year ahead is going to be the same.  While the cost for the commodity rise and fall, it could be that the prices for ounces in Australian dollars may be slightly lower than expected.  The prices for iron ore has in fact climbed over the past few months, as has gold so it may be the best time for you to search for Forex broker today if you want to get into commodities and trading within currencies as well.

You might in fact find you trade with dollars, yen and pounds.  If you are, you do need to think about how good the prices are within the Forex market but this could be a really good option for you to consider when it comes to trading.  There is a lot of potential out there so why not try Forex?

Brisbane Trading Stocks – Trade Carefully and Know What Is Important

Whether you are looking to become a full time trader or part time trader, it is going to be so important to know what the latest stocks news is.  Of course, there are going to be times when the trades or the stocks aren’t so good for you, however, you can never know whether the news will be good or bad.  That is why you do need to be very careful when it comes to the stock market.

There are really lots of great choices to consider when it comes to trading.  However, you do need to be very careful when it comes to trading; if you can trade wisely and know when the best times are then your profits could be generous.  Forex trading Australia could be a wise option that you look to today that could serve you well.


Forex Trading – Is It A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Getting rich, oh boy who doesn’t want to get rich, and if it means in a matter of a short period of time, we are all born to want? Indeed, every person has that desire to be able to own and do what he/she wants that alternative of having all and as we know money is everything. Over years schemes have been created, the so called get rich quickly schemes that have turned to con millions even billions of dollars from people. And in fact, how can a person expect to earn so much from doing little or from small investments? It doesn’t work that way, we have all learned that nothing comes free; everything must be created through hard work, discipline and knowledge. Therefore, Forex trading is not such kind of get rich quickly schemes; it’s a business investment that requires commitment, discipline, training and experience. Even as greater traders and investors like Soros have managed to make millions of dollars overnight, their commitment and understanding of the Forex trading was their weapon. To be successful in Forex you need to have and understand the following;

forex trading

The Best Way to Use Charts When Trading Forex

The allure presented by Forex trading is much interesting to traders, indeed the volatility of Forex markets can be intriguing. Thus there are a number of methods that have been fronted for a successful trading, even systems created to provide a proper overview of currency trends in order to aid in Forex trading. But then Forex trading, like stock markets is a market that is common shifting, speculative and leveraged with numerous risks. Therefore the right method or rather a successful method is probably more personal skilled and on price index volatility. Perhaps with an aid of the daily and weekly charts one can achieve a great level of trend analysis and maybe make a successful trade. Any way in most cases traders prefer intraday trading whereby a trader is able to open and close positions in close hours. But trading charts is not such a common and proffered way of trading in the current markets; this is because of the logistical foundation in chart trading. First trading using charts requires a great deal of patience in tracking and flowing a trade through days and even weeks before coming up with a logical conclusion of investments. And secondly, charts require a certain level of Forex trend knowledge and experience to master, hence there is need for an average level of information on Forex charts. Trading of daily charts has various benefits and helpful in understanding trade trends.


Indeed as the saying goes, “a trend is a friend until it ends”, the best way to define and determine the true trend is by the use of the daily chart. The daily chart is able to provide the price action of a trade for weeks at a specific time, hence by looking and analysis in the chart, one can be able to determine trend ranges, whether the trend is high or the trend is down or if its ranging. Secondly trading using the daily chart will be able to reduce frequency of trades, but at the same time it will enable a trader to analyze a trade set up and then be able to trade with a greater certainty. Secondly the trade targets while using daily charts will be larger, hence a trader will thereby make a great deal of money from a few trades other than when making a few here and there all over the place.


forex trading


Currently, the retracement trade can provide a good way to start a day with. In most cases in daily charts there will always be pullbacks, early traders who will always want to trade earlier and in position of the trend in order to make some profits from the table, hence when the make they offload the price will also retrace. Hence its advisable to monitor the trade after pullbacks have been offloaded, the moves and the direction of the trend. It requires then to know when the retracement will end. By defining when the retracement will end, you will then be able to know how many points to drop and at what time. Get the latest forex news visit here

Choosing A Forex Broker – Why Charts Are Very Important

Forex trading has been a boom investment service for some years now. With stock markets being the cornerstone of modern business, Forex markets have become cornerstones of currency business. In this investment business many people and institutions are involved, Forex brokers have been major players in organizing and educating Forex traders and trades towards a successful Forex trading. Their function and position in Forex trading is actual more significant even if in Forex trading one does not need a broker to make a trade. But with ever-changing market demographics, Forex laws and complex trading logistics, services of a broker can come in handy. But in the modern days of trickery and unethical practices, it’s not easy to find the right broker who can provide more professional and quality services as per personal expectation. Indeed, when you that person who is more on using daily charts it is important that you choice of a broker is more inclined on one with knowledge and skills on daily charts. Therefore, there are various factors that can help you identify with the right broker, a daily chart broker.

Trading Platforms Used in Online Forex

To trade Forex, you’re going to need a trading platform. You’re also probably going to need a separate, additional charting platform. Those two things may sound like almost the same thing, but they’re not. Trading platforms in online Forex do provide you with charting capabilities, but their main purpose is to help you interact with your broker by placing orders. Their secondary compatibility is charting, which means that they aren’t that useful for a lot of charting activities like backtesting. For that you’ll want to download some additional software. Even the top Forex brokers don’t really have the most amazing charting capabilities in their trading platforms.


Since you’re not really going to find magnificence in a broker provided trading platform, you should be willing to settle for something which is transparent, easy to understand, and easy to use. Beyond that you should probably be most concerned about the speed of your broker’s connection and the speed at which your orders are processed. A slow connection will result in some serious slippage in some cases. Slippage is when your order gets filled at a different price than you expected. This can result in lost trades.


Likewise, other factors about the broker in question should play a bigger part in your decision. For instance, is the broker regulated? This better be a “yes.” Do they offer you the lot sizes you want to trade? Do they provide the leverage you want to use? Can you reach customer service by phone, IM, or email? How do you deposit and withdraw money? What are their reviews like? What currencies do they allow you to trade in? What kinds of fees and interest rates do they charge? How wide are their spreads?



So if you do find a broker and a trading platform you’re interested in going with, spend some time testing both. It’s not enough to glance over it and mess around and say “good enough for me.” You need to demo test for a while using the same trade rules which you backtested (you backtested, right?) and plan to trade live. The top Forex brokers allow you to demo test indefinitely until you feel comfortable with their platform and with your own system. Even if you’ve already demo tested for a long time somewhere else—heck, even if you’ve traded live somewhere else—spend some time testing on the new trading platform! The last thing you want to do is find out you’ve lost real money because you didn’t understand how to exit a trade fast enough. This also gives you a chance to try accessing customer service. The top Forex brokers will always respond to you instantly. Learn more visit the forex reviews


That other thing you’re going to want to download (long before you even get to the demo phase) is charting software—some of these programs will place orders for you with brokers too, eliminating the need to interact with the broker’s platform. Some popular charting platforms include XTick, TradeStation and MetaTrader 4. These programs display dozens of currency pairs, allow you to plot indicators which are included in the program, load in indicators which aren’t, create or import templates, and more. You can scroll backwards through years of data on all of the timeframes, and use your charting software to backtest a system. By moving your charts forward one candle at a time with your chosen indicators, you can make decisions as you would in real time, and see how your trades would’ve turned out based on historical data. It’s only once you’ve achieved profitability in these theoretical backtests that you should move on to demo testing.


When you’re demo testing, you’re either going to be placing trades on your broker’s trading platform or through your charting software. But many traders still prefer to use their third party charting platforms to plot trades and make decisions, just as they did while backtesting, even if they place the order with the broker directly. This is both due to the capabilities of the charting software, and also the fact that it’s best to stick to what you’re used to. If you tested hundreds of trades on historical data in MetaTrader or XTick, it’s usually best to plan your demo tests in the exact same manner using the same program, particularly since there’s slight timing discrepancies between the data on different feeds. Then you simply use the trading platform to execute the decisions you made using your charting platform. Good luck finding the best charting and trading platforms, take your time, and go live only when you’re prepared!


Our area of action is a programming MQL language for the Forex Trading platform MetaTrader 4. We also offer a ready-made set of scripts, expert advisors and indicators.


Forex Trading Tips

Forex is the most volatile and the most liquid financial trading market of the world. The huge size of the trading market invites large number of traders to play their role in day to day trade and it also prevent the monopoly of the selected group or industrialists in Forex exchange world. Forex exchange market is revolved around currency pairs. In Forex industry, currency pairs are not only traded between giant financial institutions like central banks but it is also exchanged between the vendees and the venders in OTC which is known as over the counter market.

Forex Trading Tips


Always Use the Leverage Wisely – The change in Forex currency market is usually of fraction of seconds therefore, Forex traders are highly encouraged to use their leverage wisely.


Placing Stop and Limit Orders – If you want to take the advantage of the possible upside breakout then it is wise for you to place stop use orders. If you will take the advantage of placing stop orders then you can easily find your entry to a position in forex trading and you can easily exit to the current position at much better price at the same time.




Use Technical and Fundamental Analysis – It is necessary to perform technical or fundamental analysis because both of them will help you to judge the movement of the currency. The fundamental analysis help the traders to determine the price of the forex currency fluctuation while the later helps you to gather some important forex trading system tools like graphs and charts so that you can easily compare currency trends and helps you to predict the currency fluctuation. Some of the charts that are exactly used in the technical analysis of Forex trading system are candlestick charts, Line charts and Bar charts. Visit this website for more info.


Forex Robots – To ensure Forex trading, it is essential to understand the charts indicators properly. Experienced Forex brokers and Forex investors have specially designed these Forex signals to produce profitable results in Forex trading. There are two types of forex trading systems available in Forex exchange market; these are automated and mechanical Forex trading systems.


A mechanical Forex trading system needs to be operated by a Forex trader however, automated Forex trading system runs automatically. In order to operate both types of Forex trading system properly, you need to practice your skills on Forex accounts. It is better to have bogus demo account first to gain forex knowledge before using a real forex account.

Effective Forex Trading Strategies Are Essential For Successful Trading

Before taking the plunge into Forex trading you should be clear about the strategy you intend to use ideally because it is this game plan that will determine your success or failure. There is no Forex trading strategy blueprint that is referred to by traders – every one of them has had to come up with an individual approach or technique and the same case will apply for you. Whatever you decide upon must be informed by careful research on the intricacies of Forex trading and this strategy should be crystal clear from the outset.



Trading With Other Pairs While Ignoring the Dollar

Most of the forex trading involves pairing the dollar with other currencies. The dollar that is mostly used is the US dollar. This is because most of transactions in our global market happen in the U.S.Almost all the trader use this combination in their trade because of the belief that the dollar is the best currency in the market due to its strength. But we do have these traders who could like to trade in the long range type of trade. If you are one of them this I do advice you not to consider the currency pair that does not have the dollar due to its irregular raise and fall. This is true when you look at the behavior of this currency pairs like the USD/JPY or that of EUR/USD and many more pairs. By you trying to trade on pairs that include the dollar then you will not get it right because the option may seem to be a long range but it is not and this risky because many traders have lost a lot of money in the business due to this.